After years of unparalleled droughts and fires caused by global warming, the government of Australia proclaimed the Act of Continental Retrieval. 

The whole continent was declared unable to sustain human population and therefore totally abandoned.

It was the year 2030.

The global media called it The Exodus – the most important event of the 21st century. 

The government officially disbanded itself, all state-controlled shares and securities (money and resources) were sold and put into an independent bank of a little Swiss town: Lugano.

The Union of Lugano was established, with post-Australian representatives in the board and various countries from around the world, who offered to accept the Australian environmental immigrants.

The budget of the Union grew enormously huge due to:

  • smart investments,
  • billionaires’ green donations, 
  • support of Swiss banking system during the stock-market crush, which followed the Exodus,
  • 1% of yearly GPB of all partner countries.

Why have the partners agreed to pay so much?

Because the Lugano Union is established in order to accumulate money until the year 2050, then use it only for the restoration of the planet and survival of humankind on it. The logic seems simple: if none of the countries could do it alone, let’s finally try together.

The year 2050 is now.

It’s time to open up the treasuries and start using them.

The decision is to be made by the representatives of all partner countries, democratically, during a long expected Peak in Lugano.

This meeting is today.

The directors of the Union are not voting themselves, they are here to manage the decision-making process.

The decision is difficult, or even tragic – there is not enough money to support all necessary needs of the human population and global security.

Only 4 out of 10 Priorities proposed by the partners can be subsidized by the Lugano Union, others will remain unattended.

You are the diplomats representing all Partner Countries of the Union, you must make this decision today.

The fate of the planet is in your hands.