Social functions of city gardens

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by Zbyszek Janczukowicz, 2021-04-06

🌱 grassroot revitalization of urban areas is an alternative to mindless private and municipal investments which usually end in distributing concrete over green areas, either vertically or horizontally
🌱 the legal aspects of running a city garden strengthen the residents’ sense of agency and stimulate the mechanisms of influence on city policy (non-governmental organizations, formalized groups without legal personality, informal neighborhood groups, municipal advisory bodies and inter-departmental initiatives)
🌱 city garden designs use for wood, stones, litter, chips and other valuable materials that constitute problematic waste in a large city
🌱 you can’t buy anything in the city garden, which saves you the expenses that you would probably incur while spending your free time in other parts of the city,

🌱 involvement in your own gardening initiative gives you additional motivation to increase the number of hours spent outdoors
🌱 gardening helps to appreciate resources such as free time, knowledge of plants and willingness to work together
🌱 the space of city gardens pleases the eye much more than green areas near housing estates and more than one public park (at the same time consuming many times less money)

🌱 sometimes you collect some crops, which are always delicious regardless of the quantity

🌱 city garden increases its social potential by providing free space for educational events, for which in is an attractive, safe and easily accessible environment
🌱 if connected with a public school, city garden makes a fruitful and low-cost enrichment to the school’s infrastructure

🌱 gardening is a space for combining traditions and plants from different parts of the world (multiculturalism translates into biodiversity desired in horticulture)
🌱 city garden is a space for experimental suspension of social structures based on origin and wealth, opening up new opportunities for integration between residents who would otherwise not find each other in the hierarchical space of the city
🌱 city garden is a training ground for adaptation of the old-school mindset (dichotomies like private vs public or giving vs taking) to the requirements of modern civilization

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