Circular Maring World – Modeling sustainable development in the times of climate crisis

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth

Financed by the European Union


2021-02-01 – 2023-07-31

Papua – New Guinea, colonization period. The island is entirely claimed by European and Indonesian settlers. Well, not entirely… The inaccessible highlands on the eastern range are still occupied by 4 savage tribes, who have no will whatsoever to enjoy the benefits of modern civilization.

This is a board game you can play. Assume the role of a tribal chief and lead your people through the circular paths of their tradition, keep the ecological equilibrium and avoid the snares of globalization.

The Circular Maring World is developed by Nausika within the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Innovation, along with LARPifiers (Greece) and Abenteuerzentrum Berlin (Germany). The project aims at modeling sustainable development in the times of climate crisis.

Gamers, geeks, youth-workers, travelers, philosophers, old-school savages and modern-time rebels – you’re all welcome to join the game! Keep the track on the The Circular Maring World Fanpage. Play-testing will launch in early 2021. 

15-month Prototype Phase, 40 test rounds, 160 players, long brainwork hours, hard design decisions – done!

Expect the The Circular Maring World to arrive at your tables in the beginning of 2023

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