A secret message to Odysseus.

Only You have received this link and no-one can see this site without the link, please keep it secret until the topic is discussed in person.

After today’s meeting with our ESC „World’s Boards” group, which is developing very well, I started dreaming about a new E+ KA2 strategic partnership (like the Portal Project), which aims at creating even more fun for the organizers. The twist is to collect ethnical and historical board games from around the world, as well as old-school author’s games, and promote them as tools of inter-cultural education, raising tolerance and exploring the European identity.

Would You like to become the leader of such a project? That would mean that you submit it as Larpifiers or Dragons’ Nest (your choice) and get the income as the leading organization. Nausika would be a partner, along with 1-2 additional organizations (the list is open, the research not done yet). There is some paperwork to be done, but You may use documents that I have prepared for the Portal Project, as well as the Portal Application. I will be of help, but the leader should write the most the application. I consider it a high chance of success, since it is based on a real ESC project carried out by one of the partners. I can be directed either to Youth or Adult sector. The next deadlines are around February-March 2021 AD.

Please let me know what You think:)