Larp Alchemy is a series of Training Courses for Youthworkers and game designers on the topic of LARP – Life Action Role Playing games.
The main goal is to explore the regular LARP games (so not particularly edu-larps!) as tools of non-formal education, personal development and social change.
Larp Alchemy is created with passion for games and creative learning. the program of each Training is individually creafted by the team of Nausika Foundation and professional game designers. The participants are invited to co-create the content of the Training in a long term.

We started in 2022, thanks to the opportunity given to us by the long-term Accreditaion of the Erasmus+ Program in the Youth Sector.
The basic timelines are:
– once per year an advanced Training for experienced game-designers, facilitators and organizers,
– once per year an introduction Training in LARP for teachers and youthworkers with no experience demanded.