🎭 role-playing city game

🔱 designed by Nausika, Selkie & Erea

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 up to 30 players

⏱️ 3-6 hours

🇬🇧 in English language

🏰 playable in various cities

🌍 co-founded by the European Union


⌛ Gods and goddesses from ancient myths are alive, mingled among the human citizens and making their living through the XXI century on Earth.

🍀 A thousand years ago they made a bet – what would become of the civilization if the gods withdraw the powers and let the humans act on their own?

⚖️ Now is the time to raise the stakes and call the shots. Is the world going into the right direction, or should the ancient gods reclaim the leadership once again?

🎭 A city game in which you would play ancient gods dressed up as ordinary humans, walking around the city in search for forgotten worship, ritual twists and the meaning of this whole civilization.



The game is ready to play, you can download it and print for your own event of Forgotten Gods.

You can use it for free, although you must ackonwledge the authors, link this web-page and use #forgottengodslarp hashtag. You cannot modify the game without the Authors’ written permission.

The Character Cards are 100% ready, the Design Doc is still in development, but it’s complete enough to run the game!



Forgotten Gods – Home and Heritage in our Hands

Erasmus+ Small-scale Partnership in Youth

Project financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union


from 2022-10-01 to 2024-09-30

Nausika Foundation (Poland)

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Selkie Educatieve Stichting (Netherlands)


Zavod Erea (Slovenia)

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