Larp Alchemy is a series of Training Courses for Youthworkers and game designers on the topic of LARP – Life Action Role Playing games.
The main goal is to explore the regular LARP games (so not particularly edu-larps!) as tools of non-formal education, personal development and social change.
Larp Alchemy is created with passion for games and creative learning. the program of each Training is individually crafted by the team of Nausika Foundation and professional game designers. The participants are invited to co-create the content of the Training in the long term.

We started in 2022, thanks to the opportunity given to us by the long-term Accreditation of the Erasmus+ Program in the Youth Sector.
The basic timelines are:
– once per year an advanced Training for experienced game designers, facilitators, and organizers,
– once per year an introduction Training in LARP for teachers and youthworkers with no experience demanded.

Co-financed by the European Union

Erasmus+ Accreditation in Youth 2022-2027


LARP ALCHEMY #4 – March 2024


Rabka-Zdrój, Poland, 17-23 March 2024 + Travel Days


Practical Training Course of using LARP in education and youth work


Read the INFOPACK, see us on SALTO-YOUTH (link TBA).


SIGN-UP open until 11th February 2024!


MATERIALS and PHOTOS from the Training will be published here in April 2024

LARP ALCHEMY #3 – October 2023


Rabka-Zdrój, Poland, 7-15 October 2023


In-depth practical course of larp design, production and social impact with expert trainers. Continuation of previous trainings, for experienced designers and facilitators.


Read the INFOPACK, see us on SALTO-YOUTH.


Download MATERIALS – print pages to your larp journals from PDF or get JPG with fancy backgrounds.


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LARP ALCHEMY #2 – March 2023


Rabka-Zdrój, Poland, 26.03-01.04 2023


Practical Training Course of using LARP in non-formal education and youth work. For beginners and people how want to learn LARP from a scratch.


Read the INFOPACK, see us on SALTO-YOUTH.


Download MATERIALS – print pages to your larp journals from PDF or get JPG with fancy backgrounds.


Scroll down to the Gallery to see the Photos.


LARP ALCHEMY #1 – November 2022


Rabka-Zdrój, Poland, 2-10.11.2022


Practical Training Course of using LARP in non-formal education and youth work. For beginners and people how want to learn LARP from a scratch.


Read the INFOPACK, see us on SALTO-YOUTH.


Download MATERIALS – print pages to your larp journals from PDF or get JPG with fancy backgrounds.


Scroll down to the Gallery to see the Photos.





In 2022 Zbigniew Janczukowicz recorded a podcast with Shokkin Group Estonia, on the title:

„𝗟𝗔𝗥𝗣𝘀: 𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗼 𝗯𝘂𝗶𝗹𝗱 𝘀𝗰𝗲𝗻𝗮𝗿𝗶𝗼𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗲𝗱𝘂𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗿𝗼𝗹𝗲𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘆𝘀”


Application of LARP games to youthwork and to Erasmus+ project is explained, along with the invitation to Larp Alchemy training courses.


Listen on SPOTIFY




On 2022-09-08, during the international Edu-Larp Conference before Knutepunkt 2022, in Linkoping, Sweden, Zbigniew Janczukowicz presented Larp Alchemy among other Erasmus+ projects related to larp tools. Some of the participants joined the first Larp Alchemy course in-person, some became project partners with Nausika.


Watch the recorded talk on YOUTUBE

See the online presentation

2022-12-27, Ljubljana


LARP day in Slovenia


The climate larp gamy by Antonios Triantafyllakis was played again, this time in Slovenia during a local LARP DAY, thanks to Zavod EREA, our participants.


It a delight to see that Larp Alchemist are visiting each other countries to organize games together!


See the facebook post

2023-01-13, Naples


Annarita Falanga has designed and organized an impressive game for her students in Naples, touching a difficult and important topic of homeless people.


It looks amazing, and we so much appreciate your creativity and dedication!


read more about this event in her facebook post

2023-01-28, Berlin


MOVE! A climate crisis LARP


It’s 2048. You are escaping the effects of climate disaster. What will you do?


see the event on Opencollective


designed and organized by: Antonios Triantafyllakis

2023-02-02, Berlin




Simon Muller and have organized a larp called WANT as a follow-up of the first Alchemy Training. 


See the amazing and brave projects they are doing:

2023-02-04, Kraków




Kraków has seen a splendid game in a palace! Marta Salamon, the main organizer and also a participant of the first Alchemy, did it as her follow-up Alchemy Larp. 


May all the games look like this!


see the facebook post with photos and credits

see the Flowerton fanpage

2023-02-11, Budapest


Anna Bako has organized her author’s game of unique qualities, „a wargame with maps and monsters and games in the game”, thanks to what they’ve learned on the first Alchemy Training.


2023-02-11, Bucharest


Monica Ploesteanu and Alexandra Tomescu have organized the game FORTITUDE – a climate education larp designed by Nausika, as their Alchemy follow-up larp.


We are glad to see that Larp Alchemy contributed a bit to climate action as well!


see the instagram post

see the facebook post


2023-03-25, Rotterdam




Scenario online 

from „Larps from the factory” book


organized by: Bruno Setola and Jennifer Kumer, PLAYSPACE.CC


2023-03-31, Athens


Anastasia Wish, our Greek participant, have designed a game of her own and run it as the Larp Alchemy follow-up assignment. Other Alchemist contributed in creating the scenario, and we see familiar faces on the photos!


Thank you for putting so much heart and energy in this project!


see the facebook post

see her blog Stories of Inferno


2023-04-02, 2023-06-10, 2023-10-14, Naples




A larp about family relations, played as a teaching example during Larp Alchemy #1, was translated to Italian, adopted to local conditions and organized 3 times by wonderful Annarita Falanga.

The games were played in „Osho No Mind” meditation and development center in Naples, Italy. It’s an amazing example how a LARP becomes used as a tool for reflection and social change, we hope to go that direction more often!

Fun fact: a larp designed for a maximum number of 12 players in a northern country (Poland) was successfully played by 18 players in Italy and they liked it. We want to go there!


Read more on facebook: post 1 – post 2 – post 3


2023-04-15, Ljubljana


Zavod EREA has spread the larping word in their community. We delighted to see that the tools are used and the skills passed to more people, thank you for organizing this meeting, you are amazing!


2023-05-14, Barcelona




Miles Lizak organized his new game METROPOLIA in Barcelona. The game was inspired by Larp Alchemy #1, we’re glad to see more meaningful projects happening around. 


Read more on facebook: post 1


It is a larp which tackles the issues of sustainable development and can be played in various cities.


METROPOLIA was later played in Budapest during Portal 11 Larp Convention (June 2023) and in Kraków as part of the local follow-up of Portal 11, therefore strengthening the collaboration between larp-related European projects.


The Scenario should be published online in 4 languages by the end of 2023.

2023-05-26, Bucharest




Monica Ploesteanu and Alina Dinu has connected Larp Alchemy #1 and #2, organizing togother another larp event in Budapest!


This time, they played a game called TRANSSIBERIAN EXPRESS, co-designed by Nausika a few years ago. We’re so glad to hear it was fun and learning experience!


see the facebook post



Budapest, Hungary, 16-18 June 2023


12 participants of Larp Alchemy trainings came in-person to the Intentional Larp Convention PORTAL 11. Games of Nausika (Poland), Selkie (Netherlands), Erea (Slovenia) – partner organizations of Larp Alchemy – were presented as part of the program. Waiting for the next opportunity to meet and launch new initiatives together!


Portal 11 Conference – Program

Portal 11 – community on facebook


Moreover, 3 participants of Larp Alchemies submitted their works to the Portal 11 Scenario Contest, one of them was awarded and will be published in 2023.

2023-07-30, Bucharest




Berna Okumus, inspired by Larp Alchemy #2, open a larp group in Bucharest: Red Saga LARP. Hugs, respects and fingers crossed for growing up your business and community!


The larp „Circle of shadows”, designed by Berna, was played in Romania on 30th July 2023. It was later selected as the opening game of Larp Alchemy #3 in October 2023, we’re happy to see that the participants want to co-create the training program with us!


Read more on facebook: post 1 – post 2

June 2023, France




These amazing photos in bright nature also come from Larp Alchemy participants and their game dedicated as follow-up event of the Training.


Everyone wishes to be there, hopefully it will happen again!


There’s no social media, which makes it even more impressive, how community can be gathered on personal connections. 


We recommend our partners from La Boussole to everyone who wants to do creative things in France

023-11-11, Luxemburg




Christina Picco has brought Larp Alchemy events to Luxemburg, running her first larp on her own. Congratulations!


Perhaps we will do something in Luxemburg together?

2023-11-30, Medvode




Vita Smon from Slovenia has made her larp debut in Klub JEDRO in Medvode. Congrats! Thank you so much for opening new connections!


see the facebook event



Jennifer Kumer from Netherlands, who participated in LA Training #1 and #3, proposed an intriguing collaboration: to run a crowdfunding campaign called LARP PASSPORT – printing handy booklets for larp players to carry with them to different games and write down their reflections, experience and transformative moments.

This is a wonderful step towards self-evaluation of learning from activities which are not commonly associated with learning (at least not formally). Moreover, it’s an idea that springs from the Larp Alchemy community, but is not part of the Erasmus project carried out by Nausika, which means it’s self-motivated, it means the community is growing outside the project framework!


Wait out for more info, we will post a link once it’s ready!



Zbigniew Janczukowicz, the founder of Nausika, organized workshops on this question twice in 2023:


– at 11th PoRtaL Larp Convention, 17th June 2023


– at Larp Alchemy #3 Training in Rabka, 10th October 2023


The question was especially asked about the games we play for leisure and NOT for education (NOT „edu-larp”). The answers are inviting: larpers have a clear understanding that they benefit personally and socially from playing larps, even if they are reluctant to use the words „education” or „learning”.


This is just the first step, a starting point for further, deeper research, hopefully on 2024, perhaps within a new international partnership!


See the results on MIRO BOARD

Photo Gallery


Here are the names of our organizations and the links to our webpages and social media. We are all happy to talk about youth-friendly practices and policies in various countries – just find the contacts in the links: 

Nausika Foundation (Poland)



Parallel Worlds (Hungary)



Zavod Erea (Slovenia)



La Fianna (Italy)



Larp Bulgaria (Bulgaria)



Selkie Educatieve Stichting (Netherlands)

La Boussole (France)


IYWT Guild (Germany)



Mother Flower (Slovakia)



Asociatia Teach For Romania (Romania)



Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University (Turkey)


AeliaPath (Greece)



Associação Cais do Lethes (Portugal)

Fondazione Artos (Italy)


Neolea Gia Antalagi Kai Kataoisi (Cyprus)