Larp For Climate is an international initiative with the goal of supporting climate activists and educators with larp and larp-based tools for education and social change.

Larp For Climate is carried out by Nausika Foundation, based in Kraków, Poland, in collaboration with various local and international Partners.

Larp For Climate was launched in the year 2021 together with the Fridays For Future Poland and with support from the Municipality of Kraków.

In the years 2022 – 2024, Larp For Climate is supported financially by the Erasmus+ Program, which allows us to design new games and organize them at various occasions, from school lessons to big culture festivals. The partners of the Erasmus+ project are: Peipsi MTU (Estonia), Alibier (Norway), Larpifiers (Greece).

We are open to collaboration with playing the games, we would love to promote other climate larps as well – please contact us if you have a game which can be added to the page or perhaps organized by us in Kraków!




Larp For Climate – adaptation of edu-larp methodology to learning agenda for climate literacy

Co-funded by the the European Union

Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership in Youth


from 2022-02-28 to 2024-04-27

Nausika Foundation (Poland)

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The Larpifiers (Greece)

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Peipsi MTU (Estonia)

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Alibier AS (Norway)

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