Welcome to Flower Power – our new international project on urban gardening and sustainable education.

Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership in Youth

Project financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union


from 2023-04-01 to 2024-06-30

It will be expanded to other countries and languages, contact us if you want to join!


1. Growth knowledge, information and skills on urban biodiversity, community gardens and growing plants for 600 young people with the help create growing digital booklet.


2. Exchange of experience and good practice between the 3 partners, stakeholders and NGOs.


3. Cross- sectoral development about indoor growing and community gardens through open online Booklets and Multiplier Events.


4. Growth CAPACITY organizational through close cooperation between the 3 partners and study visits in Romania, Poland and Slovakia.

BRATISLAVA 26-28 May 2023

The Kick-Off meeting launched the Project, it was a pleasure to meet you in person and plan the green revolution together!

KRAKOW 19-22 September 2023

We will visit important places in Kraków regarding urban gardening and sustainable education, establish new contacts, look for collaborations, create media relations about each place we visit.


Ubran gardeners, activists and educators – you are welcome to join the visits and get to know us, just contact Nausika and let’s meet 🙂


More details about the visits should be published soon!

BRATISLAVA 23-26 September 2023

We cannot wait to explore the green practices on your country 🙂


Photos and relations should be published after the visit!details about the visits should be published soon!


Nausika Fundacja Edukacyjna (Poland)



Mother Flower (Slovakia) – the Coordinator



Asociatia CEIDS (Romania)